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Front Hub Motor price
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Quick Details
Brand Name:Truckrun
Rated Voltage:36V
Rated Power:150W
Max Torgue:>25Nm
Noise Grade:≤55Db
Product Introduction
How the electric bike motor gets the power to the wheel falls into 4 basic classes.  Friction drive, mid drive, left side drive, and hub motor drive. The simplest and most elegant solution is the E-bike hub motor. With the hub motor, the motor is actually located right inside the hub of the wheel.  This makes it easy for the novice to install on a bike, and the result is a quiet ride that is never in the wrong gear. In fact, many users of a E-bike hub motor put the bike in one of the higher gears, and never need to shift gears ever again. Truckrun has chosen the hub type electric bike motor for all of our kits.

Company Strength
Truckrun is an integrated enterprise, professional in intelligent E-bike’s Drive system R&D, manufacturing, and selling.
1. Core Competitiveness: by drive technology of products, Truckrun adapts to the rapid changes in the market of the permanent magnet drive system. Thanks to energy efficient and precise control of motor drive system and efficient management system, it makes Truckrun in the industry's important position.
2. Truckrun pays high attention to personnel training. We have a group of experienced professional technical team that can participate in your product development to help you optimize and solve related technical problems.
3. Truckrun has over 10 years R&D experience, Truckrun developed W﹢ power solution which is including electric motor, HMI and battery. Customers will enjoy the better riding experience from our scientific design as well as highly precision manufacturing methods.
4. Truckrun builds E-Bike motor and its driving control system as the main production and marketing of products.  Our products are all over the world especially for Europe, USA, Japan &South Korea, Southeast Asia, China market.Front Hub Motor price

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